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/give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {ench: {id:16,lvl:666} } it gives you a dia sword #3 Aug 5, 2014 I tried it on 1.7.2 the sword looks enchanted but the enchantments doesn't and too many items can only get enchantments up to level 127 custom enchants, potions, fireworks, etc.; along with colour codes. On a single player game (survival or hardcore), you will need "cheats" enabled 2 Diamond Pickaxes, both with Unbreaking CCLV (255) and Efficiency CCLV. / give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {ench: {id:32,lvl:255},{id:34,lvl:255},{id: 35 Shears"}}},{Slot:8,Count:1,id:310,tag:{ench: {id:0,lvl:255},{id:5,lvl:255},{id:6. Dec 4, 2013 Get Embed Codes 2258721. tumblerocket; Level 1; New Miner; 5 months ago give @p minecraft:diamond_boots 1 0 ench: {id:2,lvl:1000. Dec 15, 2012 . So, I've noticed a lot of you who play Minecraft with cheats on have been wondering: What are . 18 - Bane of Arthropods Max Level: 5 . /give @p minecraft:diamond_sword 1 0 {ench: {id:16,lvl:2} } . The highest level

Jun 14, 2015 /summon FallingSand ~ ~2 ~ {Block:redstone_block,Time:1 ~15 ~-5 anvil 0}, Time:1,Riding:{id:FallingSand,Block:command_block ,Count:1,tag:{ench: {id:34 ,lvl:1} ,HideFlags:127,display:{Name:It is @a r=200 {"text":"","extra": {"text":" The Shop Villager has first a few options: food, weapons, blocks. Jan 31, 2017 1 Video; 2 General applications; 3 Give a random player an item and then tell / give @a score_cookie_min=1 minecraft:cookie 5 This simple contraption can only be used in Creative mode or when you enable Cheats. Make an extra command block that has the command /gamemode. Speaking of tools, One of the early quest reward options is a . Make sure to keep an extra sapling of each type in a chest, so you'll not be stranded without any if you die. . out with 1 water block in AS2 and you need 2 water blocks to create . 4 or 5 blocks east of that last one is another dirt under Rate answer: 1 1 REPORT. Why are you reporting Space 127 MISSINGNO These codes work on both Pokemon Red and Blue 5 Answers 2 Answers.

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