Драйвер к санлайт2002 american dj galaxian - драйвер для веб камеры dns 0301b

Galaxian Royal Laser Projector from American DJ - Get ADJ's amazing green & purple 500+ laser beam effect that's perfect for creating dazzling patterns of laser. The Galaxian offers that signature lighting effect that blasts anything in its path with 500 green and red beams. Showing off beautiful profiles of objects in its. Key Features: Produces Laser patterns that can be projected on a ceiling or wall; Massive beam spread covers a large area; Over 500 red and green laser.

American DJ has taken their popular Galaxian effect to a whole new dimension of excitement with the Galaxian 3D. It features a compact 30mW green laser and. The Galaxian 3d MkII is an FDA approved, portable, low power green & red laser effect. Can be linked with up to 14 units, and effects can be projected on walls.

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